Electrical Generation


At FutureFuel we collect commercial and domestic Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and waste oils which are not fit for human consumption, using a process called transesterification we convert this to biodiesel.



Biodiesel Production

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Using the biodiesel we produce from waste oils and the by-product of the transesterification process, glycerol, as feedstock FutureFuel generates electricity that is exported back to the National Grid under the Ofgem administered Renewable Obligations Feed-in Tariff scheme.


Heating Oil


A recent TFL document estimated that emissions from office buildings and corporate headquarters in the city of London contributed to 30% of all harmful emissions from the diesel  generators used for heating and emergency stand by power. 
If these generators were to run on FutureFuel's unique biodiesel these harmful pollutants could be virtually eradicated form this particular sector.