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Bio Cabby to the rescue

The BioCabby project, led by FutureFuel's Director of Environment & Sustainability Mike O'lone, began in 2016 and campaigns to promote clean air and reduce pollution in London.
As a licensed London, black taxi driver, Mike understands the negative impact that vehicles including taxis have on London's air quality and what can be done to promote positive change.

Government figures estimate that 9,400 early deaths in 2016 were attributable to air pollution and air quality, and we believe action is required, and we want to lead the change.

Since mid-2017 we have been filling the FutureFuel black taxi with a 50:50 blend of forecourt diesel and our BS EN 14214 bio-diesel. To track the impact we carried out emissions tests at Department of Transport accredited MOT stations, our current reading of 0.24 is a significant improvement on the original 0.88 before using a 50:50 blend.

Mike represents FutureFuel as a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Air Quality and Pollution, The Environmental Industries Commission and has become a respected public speaker on environmental and air quality matters.

Apart from popping up on The Robert Elms and Eddie Nestor (OBE) BBC shows, he is often found speaking at industry seminars such as the Recovery Tow Show and public speaking engagements internationally.

Be sure to give the BioCabby a wave if you see him in and around London in his FutureFuel black taxi.