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Domestic Collection

We have developed community and schools programmes which will be rolled out in 2018, to harness the largely untapped collection of domestic used cooking oil.
As per Ecofys reports, very little UCO is recycled in the UK domestic sector, with over 90% of this waste source finding its way into the water system via drains or sent to landfill. Both cause environmental harm and extensive costs in maintenance and repairs. Thames Water currently spends more than £15m per annum repairing damaged drains as a result of fatty deposits built up from oil disposed of down the drains.
We will be actively targeting the general public and young recyclers of the future, encouraging them to recycle their used cooking oil more responsibly through awareness campaigns, educational visits, social media and events.
We aim to make recycling as easy as possible, with branded FutureFuel bottle banks strategically sited at Kent schools and with partners that support our programme to promote recycling.

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East Thurrock FC

We are proud to be sponsors of East Thurrock United Football Club and The FutureFuel Stadium as part of our commitment to serving the local communities in which we exist.