At FutureFuel we turn waste into energy.

We take waste vegetable oils, including used cooking oil (‘UCO’),
and process it at our plant in Kent to produce biodiesel and glycerol.
These two products have a wide range of commercial uses, including:

  • Transport Fuel (Biofuel)
  • Electrical Generation (both)
  • Heating Oil (Biofuel)
  • Pharmceuticals (Glycerol)
  • Cosmetic (Glycerol)

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    Helping the environment

    UCO and waste residues from vegetable oil processing plants pollute the environment. All over the world their disposal poses a huge environmental problem. These waste products are generally either dumped in landfill sites or poured into sewerage systems. Both of these disposal methods cause significant environmental and economic damage.

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    And this pollution is needless, for these waste oils are a valuable resource: they can be processed into biofuel and used to power vehicles, generate electricity, and heat homes and commercial buildings. At FutureFuel, we are closing this loop to ensure this valuable waste material is utilised, not squandered or allowed to pollute the planet.

    A home grown business with a global reach

    Our waste-to-energy plant is located at Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Kent, just 40 minutes from Central London.

    Kingsnorth is within 400 metres of a private quay on the River Medway which we have also optioned with a view to receiving all biodiesel feedstocks via this route, significantly reducing our transport footprint by removing an estimated 8,000 truck journeys per year from UK roads.

    We invest in British talent and expertise, as a member of the Armed Forces Covenant, by partnering with various UK Universities and through careful selection of UK service providers in our supply chain.

    But we have a global reach:
    We recognise the international nature of both the problem and solution to the dumping of waste oils.
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