Electrical Generation


The biodiesel and bi-product, glycerol, which is produced by our waste-to-energy processing plants are both used to generate electricity which can be sold to the National Grid.  Our small-scale, unobtrusive generating facilities have minimal environmental impact.



Biodiesel Production

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We recycle and process waste vegetable oils, including used cooking oil (’UCO’) from a range of sources (both domestic and commercial), converting this into biodiesel to the British and European standard BS EN 14214; an internationally recognised benchmark of quality assurance. Our biodiesel has a range of commercial uses including electrical generation, as transportation fuel or as heating oil.


Heating Oil


Although air pollution in cities is largely associated with traffic, a substantial amount is actually generated from boilers and generators used for heating and emergency power.  Our biodiesel burns significantly more cleanly than petroleum diesel, giving an almost 50% reduction in harmful emissions.