'a person who produces bio-diesel from waste vegetable oils'

Our trainee Bio-Technician needs to have enthusiasm and positivity, be quick to learn, possess good organisational skills and be able to work to and follow process. You need to be able to record and report data and engage with quality control so that our product consistently exceeds expectations.

You will need to enjoy working in a vibrant and exciting environment and committed team and play your part in making FutureFuel a great place to work.

Quality Control Technician

'a person who tests, records and validates the quality of FutureFuel Bio-diesel'

Our QC technicians need to have proven industry skills and qualifications within the scientific subjects. You will need to have a keen eye for detail, record-keeping and reporting and up-loading data. We want you to be passionate about caring for our product and what we do whilst enjoying working in a vibrant exciting environment and committed team.

Yard Operatives

'a person who facilitates all plant processing operations'

Yard operatives need to be able to organize, prioritize and facilitate the indoor operations from outside. You need to be able to operate a forklift although training can also be given. You need to be able to record and report stock and material movements And, as in all other company roles you should relish the opportunity to work in an exciting environment and committed team.