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East Solutions
East is our preferred partners and expert High Voltage Electrical engineers. They have extensive experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of Private High Voltage Networks. These Networks have been built at Wind farms, Solar Farms, Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Factories, MOD sites, Hospitals and Universities.

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RenEnergy is our chosen consultancy partner who specialising in Renewable Energy, providing FutureFuel with valuable services to take the project from inception to completion, assisting with technical knowledge, development and administrative challenges.

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PM Projen
Our chosen process specialist PM Projen lead by Dr L Gornall continue to help us ensure through innovative improvements that our fuel continues to meet the current BS/EN 14214 standard.

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Puma Power
Puma have a team of highly experienced engineers and project specialists. The combined expertise gained from many years in the power generation industry means as customers we can feel safe putting our power in their hands.


The Bradley Group
As experts in risk training and safety management, The Bradley Group consultancy are appointed to be our Competent Person under the H&S legislation, providing advice and review of safety documentation and procedures.

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Intertek is a UKAS accredited laboratory who carry out independent testing of our feedstocks, biofuels, and glycerol, ensuring we meet our legal requirements as set out in the Environment Agency's 'Biodiesel Quality Protocol' document.

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University of Kent
We are very excited to announce that we have begun a long-term collaboration project with the University of Kent. Biosciences Placements Advisors, Frances Jones and Katie Collins visited Kingsnorth to view our Operations sites and facilities. We will now begin an exciting relationship which will have several different streams. We are looking forward to welcoming under, and post-graduates within roles to further develop our scientific capability and enhance the practical element of their studies and project coursework. We will begin a Bio-fuel project with a shared and detailed analysis of production and quality control testing methods. We will be hosting on-site events and student coursework visits. In addition to the Academic and scientific projects, we have committed to provide community support to staff and students by giving educational talks and presentations. We will also be providing our FutureFuel re-cycling units on campus and Halls of Residence sites.