Martine Burchell Blann

So nice to find a company that keeps its investors in the loop of everything that is going on in the company. I have been with Future Fuel since the beginning and invested for 5 years because I believe in what they are doing for the planet and more to the point they are on time with their payments.
I am retired and not only it supplement my pension but I feel that with my investment I am also helping the planet. Well done Future Fuel and everyone working there.

Peter Irwin

As a staunch supporter of renewable energy FutureFuel is not dissimilar in it's products and aims. The company has a very proactive approach and appears to be on the road to achieving it's business goal.
News of it's activities are frequently reported and payments are on time. Highly recommended in all repects.

Tony Ross

I am increasingly confident and excited over current developments and future prospects, as highlighted in newsletters this year.
So positive exploiting renewable energy sources selected for future economy and adhering to cleaner climate commitments, both domestically and internationally.

Nigel Harris

This is the most satisfactory of my investments. FutureFuel has made quarterly payments to me promptly and without fail, have sent me newsletters and responded promptly to an email requesting further information about the broker who introduced me to FutureFuel.
I think FutureFuel is making an important contribution to the sustainability of modern energy consumption, and I am glad that my investment is helping to do so.


Maria King

A fantastic business model that gives excellent returns. The bond certificates are sent by recorded delivery and the company give regular updates and keep very much in touch.
Been a very calm and relaxed investing experience and since it is possible to invest as little as 5k, why not.


FutureFuel along with two other companies are my first experience of corporate bonds. Of the three bonds I hold FF are proving to be the most satisfactory, to date they have made all the interest payments on the day specified in the bond and keep me updated with what’s happening in the company and how they are moving forward each quarter. They always return any calls I have made promptly.

Derek Johnson

A bond holder in the initial bio fuel from cooking oil project to then generate electricity from 3 plants in Kent, Interest on my investment has been paid promptly each quarter.
I receive information from future fuels about collaborations and diversification of the company which project a healthy evolution.

Rosemary Poole

I have invested in FF for 1 year recomended by a financial adviser pleased I took the advice. Pay interest regular email all correspondence changes regarding FF. A reliable investment.


Heather Shaw

Being new to investing in Corporate Bonds I have nothing but praise for Future Fuels. They keep me advised of their progress and future aims - the interest on my investment with them has been paid exactly as agreed.
The bio science industry is definitely good for the planet and Future Fuels are to be congratulated on their achievements so far. I feel lucky to be part of this.

Paul Stevens

So far so good, this is one of my better investments in terms of communication from the company and regular returns. I always receive a call every three months to enquire that I've received my quarterly interest payment.
I'm hoping to invest further with them in the future when funds become available.
Besides the investment opportunity you will be supporting some great environmentally changing ideas which are making a huge difference in the world. Future Fuel, definitely world leaders thinking outside the box!

Julian Bonsall

I have been a bond holder with Future Fuels for over a year. It has proved to be a good investment with interest payments always being made on time.

I receive regular updates to my investment via e mail and phone and I would certainly recommend dealing with this company

Lance Mangold

I was introduced to FF as a green investment, backed by Government aid to reclaim and reuse old cooking oil.

FutureFuel is very proactive forward thinking, growing organically, and looking to find new partners, such as Cuba. I trust their managment and am looking forward to great results.


Andrew Hurley

Excellent scheme which benefits climate change issues and gives a good financial return. Helpful, efficient and with regular updates.

Ken Farrar

I have found futurefuel to be a good investment. It appears to be a well run company that is looking to the future. It gives a good interest on the bond and hopefully it is secure. If you have the cash to invest futurefuel could be a good choice for you.

Frances Jones

The work FutureFuel does is incredible and cutting edge. Our student can't wait to start their placement with you!

Richard Thomas Millican

Worthwhile investment in sustainable energy infrastructure, making use of a waste product.


James McMillan

A good company to deal with. All payments on time and company info to keep you updated.

Karen Duncan

Jack Bain

Tim Leggat

Great investment opportunity, good return and environmentally sound.