Our Biodiesel

Our specialist biofuel processing plant in Kent is one of the UK’s largest biofuel generation facilities that produces biofuel solely from waste materials.

Our advanced processing methods mean that our biofuel is produced to the British and European standard BS EN 14214, an internationally recognised benchmark of quality assurance.

As a business our environmental, social and
sustainability goals are as important to us as our financial aims.

We are independently accredited and certified under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). This means we meet their stringent criteria for the production of biomass and are audited to prove fully traceable sustainability and climate-friendly credentials for the waste matter we source. This is globally recognised as the benchmark for trustworthiness and ethics in the environmental sector.


Our Fuel Helps The Environment

UCO and waste residues from vegetable oil processing plants pollute the environment.
Their lawful and ethical disposal poses a significant problem for nations across the globe.
In many places, large-scale disposal involves dumping it into landfill sites or pouring it into waterways. At a micro level, it generally finds its way into the sewerage system via the kitchen sink. Read More

By recycling this UCO into biodiesel, we provide an exciting and innovative solution to utilising otherwise harmful environmental waste. We convert it into a valuable resource: energy. And this comes with numerous socio-economic benefits:

- Improved water quality
- Protecting drainage infrastructure
- Reducing reliance on landfill
- Improved air quality
- Boosting diversity in the UK’s energy mix
- Competitive pricing
- Job creation

Commercial uses of our Biofuel